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  • Enrichments

       Life can be messy and complicated. We all enter adulthood with ways of thinking and dealing with life from our families of origin that may not be the healthiest. North Star counselors recognizes this, even within ourselves, and offer strategies and solutions that help deal with the past while preparing our clients for the present and their future.

        Enrichments are concentrated blocks of time where a team of counselors devote their efforts and times to assist a client identifying road blocks or unhealthy behaviors that are causing unsustainable life disruptions. Uncovering these disruptions starts the foundation building for an individualized plan the client, with the counselors assistance, will be able to implement within their life.

        This multi-team approach allows North Star counselors to collaborate with the client, utilizing different modalities to assist the client moving towards healthy, sustainable behaviors to help enrich their life. The client, if they are outside of Colorado, will also receive referrals for ongoing work with counselors in an effort to maintain the momentum that was started while at North Star.