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  • Jason Bickley, MA, LPCC

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    Let’s agree: You’re looking for something. You wouldn’t be here otherwise. Something it missing, or it’s there but not working. Something broke, or it’s not what it once was. We humans are looking to be whole. Sometimes we all need a little help to get there.

    “It hurts.” “It’s frustrating.” “I’m afraid.” I’ve heard each of these, and I know it is. I’m also not afraid to walk in your pain, anger, or fear with you. Together we can find the pieces and make life whole.

    My training includes my Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, 2020, as well as my AASAT training in sexual addiction and intimacy anorexia recovery and support for spouses of those dealing with sex addiction or intimacy anorexia and EMDR training. Even while studying these different approaches, I worked to help men and women overcome addictions, marital/relational struggles, depression, anxiety, and traumatic life events. Whatever you are facing, let’s walk this out together.

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