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  • Jason Bickley, MA, LPCC

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    So you’re looking for a change – let’s get started! You might be stuck, perhaps held back by the past, not sure how to live in the present, or uncertain about moving into the future. If that’s you, it’s a good time for some counseling. I am a man of faith, a motorcycle rider, a runner, a reader, and one or two other things outside of counseling, just in case we still haven’t connected. In counseling and support groups, I’ve spent most of my time helping people face addictions, trauma, and all the relationships in between. I often rely on the AASAT addiction training and EMDR to help people move towards their change.
    Counseling is all about making the world whole. We’re all missing something. That doesn’t mean that you’re broken – though many of us are or feel broken at times. What it means is that we’re connected to brokenness in ourselves, in those we love, in the community, and all the relationships between.
    Here’s the exciting part: The change you’re looking for is restoring some wholeness to your world. Some would call it restoring all of creation. That wholeness might be in you, your relationships, or launching you out to work for wholeness in the world. So let’s keep it simple: we’ll Discover the truth, Accept where we are, and Grow towards wholeness.

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