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  • Krystoffer L. Bowman, MS, LPC

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    Is life what you thought it would be like, how it was “supposed to” be? 

    Are you doing what you know you are supposed to, what you have been told is expected of you, yet your world is not improving? 

    You still have choices, and you can make change happen.

    Often, the behaviors that interfere with achieving the life you deserve have protected you or your relationship for many years.  

    Whether it is trauma saturation, professional boundaries, intimacy avoidance, or unwanted addictive behaviors, you no longer have to react alone but can now respond with someone beside you.

    As a prior victim advocate, law enforcement officer, retired military, and current Licensed Professional Counselor, I have witnessed countless individuals and relationships fulfilled. 

    If you are interested in exercising your control to influence healthy change, reach out, and I will be here.”

    Certifications: Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS), Certified Animal Assisted Therapist Professional (CAATP), Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association (EAGALA ES & MH) Professional, Sexual Recovery Therapist (SRT), Partner Recovery Therapist (PRT), Intimacy Anorexia Therapist (IAT), Partner Betrayal Trauma Therapist (PBTT) and Board Certified Tele-Mental Health (BC-TMH) Professional.  

    Specializations: narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), and behavioral addictions. Clients come from many ages, genders, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds. Many clients are couples and families associated with trauma-saturated professions such as first responders, military service, ministry, non-profit organizations, and community/government leaders.

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