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  • Workshops

       Marriage is the most complicated endeavor a man and a woman will ever encounter. Meshing values, behaviors, expectations, and myriad other facets came seem daunting or near impossible. North Star specializes in the impossible. With a team of dedicated and qualified counselors, an individualized plan for the marriage relationship will be devised for that particular marriage. Couples will learn the presenting issues within their marriage and through different modalities and counselors, will develop strategies for overcoming those obstacles.

        But it does not stop there. In the mid-week huddle, North Star counselors revisit the plan and reassess any new dynamics that arise during the couple’s first few days to better address those issues the last half of the week. This individualization addresses the couples needs and offers tools and strategies to bring hope for connection within the marriage. At the end of the workshop, couples agree to a new covenantal agreement, spelling out expectations so both parties understand their part in the healing of the marital relationship. They are also given referrals to qualified counselors for continued assistance should they reside outside of Colorado.

        North Star personnel take their responsibility seriously, as couples are treated as family with follow-ups to ensure the couple has everything they need to work towards a successful, healthy, and connecting marital relationship. We look forward to assisting you in accomplishing what seems impossible.